Personalized, tech-driven relocation support for employees and employers alike.

About the project

In order to revolutionize the relocation industry with the aid of technology, PerchPeek sought a robust groundwork to establish itself upon. This entailed the development of both internal and external tools to facilitate the seamless management of relocations for clients, as well as internal resources to efficiently oversee and coordinate the relocation process.

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The solution

For PerchPeek, the primary challenge was to develop a robust and scalable backend that could adapt to the evolving requirements of the application while managing fluctuations in infrastructure demand. I played a pivotal role in architecting and implementing the entire backend system, leveraging custom PHP and Laravel framework.

Key Contributions:

  • Custom Backend Development: Crafted the backend entirely in custom PHP, optimising for efficiency and scalability.
  • Laravel Implementation: Utilized Laravel, a high-performing PHP framework, ensuring the backend was not only robust but also adhered to the latest industry standards.
  • API Design: Engineered a comprehensive API, strictly following SOLID principles and Laravel best practices. This approach guaranteed a codebase that was manageable, clear, and, crucially, scalable with the company’s growth.
  • Focus on Scalability: Ensured that the backend infrastructure was equipped to handle both upscaling and downscaling effectively, accommodating the dynamic needs of the app.

The backend system I developed was pivotal in supporting PerchPeek’s operational demands, laying a solid foundation for future expansions and enhancements.

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The implementation of the custom backend for PerchPeek had significant and measurable impacts:

  • Enhanced Performance: The application experienced improved performance, with faster response times and smoother user interactions.
  • Scalability Achieved: The backend's ability to scale up or down as needed allowed PerchPeek to efficiently manage resources, leading to cost savings and improved service reliability.
  • Improved Code Maintainability: By adhering to SOLID principles and Laravel best practices, the codebase became more intuitive and easier to work with, reducing the time and resources needed for future developments.
  • Positive User Feedback: The robustness of the backend translated into a better user experience, reflected in user feedback and increased engagement rates.

Overall, the backend system I created for PerchPeek not only met the immediate needs of the company but also positioned it well for future growth and adaptation in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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